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Amalfi is the pearl of the Amalfitan coast, from which it takes its name. It faces an emerald sea and is overlooked by Lattari Mountains with their beautiful gardens of flower and citrus plantations. Tourists come to Amalfi in order to follow the myth of the travellers of Grand Tour who were charming by the savage beauty of the town, a savage beauty that Amalfi still has. In the centre of the town you can find the famous Duomo and its golden decorated fašade, and the Chiostro del Paradiso, a Moorish building of XIII century. Amalfi's harbour is an equipped tourist port with boats which take tourist to beach such as Santa Croce beach. On the mountains of the west side of the town, you can find Lone, a country town with beautiful gardens, and from which you can arrive to the church of Maria di Montevergine. Walking through the citrus plantations, you arrive to Pastena where there is the church of Assunta (XIV century) After Pastena and Vettica, there is Pogerola where you can find the ruins of a middle aged castle, a Tower and boundary walls. As to Amalfi, the most important festival are the descent of the comet from Mount Tabor (24th December) and the fireworks of December 31st.

Pompei Hotel Grillo Verde - Duomo di Amalfi


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Pompei Hotel Grillo Verde - Grotta Smeraldo Amalfi

Il Duomo   Le tipiche case   La Grotta dello Smeraldo

Hotel Pompei Grillo Verde - Statua di Flavio Gioia


Pompei Hotel Grillo Verde - Torre Ziro


Hotel Pompei Grillo Verde - Montiera Amalfitana

La statua di Flavio Gioia   Torre Ziro   La montiera amalfitana


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