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Capri Island is far 5 km from Punta Campanella on south of Neaples. Thanks to its crystalline water Capri is known as Blue Island and it's the most famous place near Neaples all over the world. It is characterised by two tablelands linked by a little green valley: Anacapri tableland with Mount Solaro, and Mount Tiberio tableland with Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. Capri has the typical Mediterranean weather: the best times for a visit are autumn and spring.
Capri is also famous for its history. It was the favourite place of roman Emperors and a stage of Grand Tour travellers.
On the island you can visit: the Certosa of S. Giacomo, Villa Jovis, the gardens of Augusto, Cannone Peak, Tragara, the Cave of Matromania and the Blue Cave, Villa San Michele, the church of San Michele, Damecuta Tower, the church of San Maria della Cetrella, the Lighthouse.

Sea foreshortening

The Faraglioni rocks

Krupp Street

La Grotta Azzurra

The little square

The tipical coockery

The alleys

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