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Oplonti excavations are the Archaeological Park of Torre Annunziata. Buried by the eruption of 79 a.C., they were a residential quarter for noble families and famous people. Excavations bring up very precious treasures which form a unique collection together with Pompei and Ercolano's finds.
Very important is the Villa of Poppea, Nerone's wife. Kept in good condition, it was uninhabited at the time of eruption of 79 a.C. because of the damage caused by the earthquake of 63 a.C. This is why there aren't furnishings, but in spite of this so many are the frescos and the rooms. The first findings in Oplontis are dated 1831; successively other ruins belonging to the Villa of Caio Siculi and the Villa of Lucio Crasso were found out near Poppea's Villa.
Researchs confirmed that there was also a salt-celar in Oplontis; this is why the todays' harbour of Torre Annunziata is called "la salèra".

La Villa di Poppea

Oplonti ruins: fresco

Oplonti ruins: fresco

Villa di Poppea: portico

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