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Ravello is known as the city of music and is placed on Lattari Mountains at 350 m from the sea. The town still has a middle aged appearance, a fusion between Arabian and Byzantine influence, with little intricate streets and mosaics. Faced the Amalfitan Coast, but far from the sea, Ravello is a very important artistic centre.
Among is treasures the most beautiful are: the cathedral, building in the XII century, Villa Rufolo (XI century) with its coloured terraces, Villa Cimbrone, and Fontana Moresca. As to Villa Cimbrone, it affords the most wonderful view all over the world.
At the beginning, it was simply a country estate, but in 1904 it was bought by William Beckett, an English noble. After 15 years of works, it was changed in an aristocratic house which became a meeting place for famous people such as Winston Churchill or Greta Garbo.

Villa Rufolo

The cathedral

Ravello's gardens

Ravello's gardens

The Rufolo street

Villa Cimbrone

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