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The Vesuvio, situated 12 kilometres far from Naples, and 10 kilometres far from Pompei, is the only active volcano on the European mass. In the Eocene epoch, the mount was an island surrounded by the sea, only in the Pliocene epoch it has joined with the mainland.
Then his height was about 2300 meters. Now, his top, the Gran Cono, measures 1277 meters of height and his crater measures about 1500 meters of circumference. The 24th of August 79 A.C. is the date of the first eruption in history epoch. The city of Pompei and Stabia were destructed and buried under lapilluses and ashes, Ercolano was flooded by a mud river.
Others 11 eruptions will follow that one who destroy Pompei. In the 1631 more then 3000 people died due a violent eruption and the smoke darkened the sky up to the Taranto gulf for some days.
From then others eruptions will follow, and the main significant are those of the 1694, 1767, 1794 (who destroyed Torre del Greco), 1872 and 1906. The last is in the 1944. The volcano now is in relax state.

The crater

A view from the sea


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